I-Class is modern software that encourages real-time communication between students and teachers. One of the greatest challenges in the education sector is promoting proper communication between students and teachers. It becomes ever more difficult nowadays due to the scarce timeline and the increased number of students for every teacher. I-Class is the greatest solution to bridge the gap between students and teachers.

Design Challenges

An application was built around the concept of real-time classroom interaction, where each and every student can communicate with their teacher. The teacher can selectively address each student and respond to their queries while in a classroom. A vast number of students were hesitant to interact with their students in the classroom. So we developed this real-time interaction based software that would make it possible for any student to communicate with the teacher through the application itself.

The Insights of I-Class

This application will encourage students to actively communicate with their teachers and get their doubts or issues clarified real-time. It will be very helpful at times of video lecturing where the tutor and the students are at different places. They can still communicate real-time through this application. It will be of great use to those students who are hesitant or shy to speak up in a classroom.


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