M-Resto is waiter-independent restaurant simulation software that’s integrated in an interactive multi-touch table. It allows any user to explore through the menu, select their favorite food from the menu, and order the same right through their interactive table.

Technology Used

It involves an interactive table that has a firm unlimited multi-touch surface. The unique multi-touch technology allows any number of users to interact with the sturdy table display. It also has an instant touch or object recognition feature that helps differentiate a touch from any object placed on the table. It will perform great even when there are a lot of people exploring various options in the display at the same time.


M-Resto finds its application in the food and beverage industry, where customer waiting times and waiter-dependency have always been a matter of concern. The application will greatly help in addressing both the issues through its interactive user environment. You can see almost every detail about the food, like price, ingredients, and even look at videos of its making. It also has entertainment features that would engage a customer during their waiting time.


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