S-Auto is a great application that can greatly help in showcasing a car to the customers. It is a presentation application that allows the users to learn about the entire details of a car without even physically looking at the car. With this software, the car sellers don’t have to drive their cars to different places for showcasing it.

Technology Used

We used object recognition tools to record the three-dimensional views of each car to be added in the application. Programming the 3-D printed models into the software allowed us to create a great user-experience. All the information about the car models can be added to the software, and any seller can easily showcase their car, its entire features and technical specifications to buyers.

Benefits of S-Auto

This application will greatly reduce the risk factors associated with moving a car for a model launch or displaying it to customers. It’s absolutely damage-free and theft-free, and multiple cars can be showcased using this software. There’s also an option for the user to request for a test drive, only after which the car can be physically dealt. This will simply revolutionize car showroom experience of users.


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