S-Boat is a great app for those yachting business holders who wish to showcase their luxury yachts. Yachting enthusiasts and people looking for information regarding luxury yachts will find this application useful. This application allows the user to explore various luxury yachts and learn about its features before signing up for a real-time yachting experience.

Technology Used

S-Boat was built for a multi-touch screen where object recognition tools were used to feed the images of the luxury yachts into the software. Multiple three-dimensional images of a yacht will be captured and programmed into the software for extended user experience. All other details about the particular model of the yacht can also be updated in the application. Similarly multiple models and makes of luxury yachts can be showcased using this software.

Advantages of S-Boat

Exploring various luxury yachts is made easy in this S-Boat software application. The luxury yacht maker or seller can make a detailed presentation of their yachts to their customers. Moving a yacht is really hard and S-Boat makes it absolutely possible to showcase a yacht without one being physically present.


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